Sunday, April 24, 2011

Book Review – Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield

  1. Aftertime
  2. Sophie Littlefield
  3. Luna
  4. 2011
  5. Trade Paperback
  6. 375 pages
  7. ISBN: 9780373803361


Anyone who has read this book review blog for long knows that I really enjoy a good post-apocalyptic zombie story every once in a while (actually find them hard to resist) and that’s exactly what Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield is, a very good zombie book. Forget the Beaters (zombies) for a moment and why they’ve changed into crazed flesh-eaters. Put aside the fact that the world has pretty much come to an abrupt and disappointing end. What carries this narrative is the character development and quest motif. Littlefield’s characters are fully fleshed out (pun intended) and real. Some are mysterious, others evil and self-serving, most are flawed and a few even resemble people I know. Which is what makes them so compelling. Everyone who’s ever loved a child will understand the motive driving the main character. That it occurs in a savage, wasted land makes it that much more interesting. There’s nothing inherently unique about this particular zombie story but because it reads so quickly and the plot is so compelling you won’t want to put it down. An enjoyable time away from the mundane this novel is a recommended for all the zombie and post-apocalyptic fans out there. (You know who you are!)

4 out of 5 stars

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