Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Review - The Part-Timer Primer - A Teen's Guide to Surviving the Hiring Process and Landing Your First Job by Darrell Doepke

The Part-Timer Primer
(A Teen's Guide to Surviving the Hiring Process and Landing Your First Job)
Darrell Doepke
Self-Help Teens
Timberwolf Publishing
84 pages
ISBN: 9780985622800


Written as a self-help guide for teenagers The Part-Timer Primer is filled with valuable and insightful information on how to survive the hiring process and in a straightforward manner provides teenagers with the necessary tools for landing that all-important first job. One of the major stumbling blocks many teenagers face today is following the correct steps essential for obtaining employment. Mr. Doepke has written a perceptive "How To" guide filled with “How Not To" warnings while offering valuable advice to first-time job seekers. Helpful guidance pertaining to the “dos and don’ts” of the hiring process is something most teenagers do not possess when they begin their job search. The Part-Time Primer promises to arm every teenager with the basic information they need before beginning their first job search. Mr. Doepke provides detailed guidance on exactly how to fill out an application correctly, how to prepare before, during and after an interview, how to dress, act, and conduct oneself during the first and subsequent interviews, and what employers expect from potential employees. This is solid, sound instruction and intelligent guidance from a business owner who has obviously conducted many interviews over the years. The advice and suggestions found within the pages of The Part-Timer Primer have been collected from many applicants and interviews and provides a unique perspective concerning the entire hiring process from both employer and employee points of view. I recommend it to every part-time job seeker (teenager or not.)

If you are the parent of a teenager who is looking for work do yourself a favor and put this book into your child's hands. They’ll thank you for it later when they’re enjoying careers (and not just stuck in a dead-end job.)

If you are a teenager seeking a job for the first time and you’ve followed the advice given in The Part-Timer Primer you’ll be sure to find work in no time at all.

5 out of 5 stars

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