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Book Review - Revision 7: DNA by Terry Person

Revision 7: DNA
Terry Persun
Trade Paperback
262 pages
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Publication Date: September 10, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1935961871


     Terry Persun’s Revision 7: DNA is an exciting ride through such Science Fiction themes as the advent of early robotic invention (and how simple robots become more complex), time travel, artificial intelligence vs. sentience, megalomania, unconventional crime detecting, and new mind mapping techniques, all surrounded by a compelling, and quite entertaining, kidnap-mystery story.

     Neil Altman, a man whose parents severed the halves of his brain when he was a child and trained him to use each half independently and who happens to be a missing “things” finder, is called to a private think-tank to investigate a missing time machine. But Neil doesn’t believe in time travel and is more than a bit skeptical concerning the motives and actions of the scientists concerning the missing equipment. Expecting to discover a simple cover-up Neil begins his investigation with skepticism. Little does he know that what he uncovers will test his beliefs about the existence of time travel, the meaning of artificial intelligence, psychics that assist in solving crimes, private scientific experimentation, and robots. As the investigation unfolds Neil soon uncovers a ring of illegal time-shifting, humanoid robots that have kidnapped his wife, placing her life in jeopardy.

     Not far away an extremely curious, and very likeable, robot named Fenny is about to boot up the Revision 7 software which will change everything, allowing him insight into his unique gifts as he contemplates the meaning of sentience. As the robot struggles with its newly developing humanity Neil begins to understand how truly unique he is and how the two share a number of considerably important common traits.

     With the intelligent elements of Isaac Asimov’s Robot detective stories, the most endearing parts of Pixar’s Wall*E, the components of an exciting chase sequence, and a good murder mystery plot Terry Persun has, with Revision 7: DNA spun a unique robot/time travel/sentience story that delves into uncharted, yet believable, scientific realms.

     File with robots, artificial intelligence, and time travel.

4 stars out of 5

The Alternative
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