Friday, April 28, 2006

Album Review – “Oh No, It’s An EP!”– The Westminster Abbey

Sounds like: Late John Lennon, Beatles – White Album, Beach Boys, Kinks, David Bowie, Donovan, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Mommas and the Papas, the Yardbirds, Blind Faith, the Shins, the Thrills and even Mozart, etc.

File as: Retro low-fi rock n’ roll

At first I wanted to call this a tribute album to the nostalgic sounds of the Beatles, the Kinks, the Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin all blended into one but after a second listening realized that they were not intentionally or deliberately trying to sound like any of the aforementioned bands and that made them very unique and on their way to genius status. This EP is light-hearted good-natured fun full of classic instrumentation and elegant harmonies and the music is insanely catchy.

There seems to be a lot of comparison by reviewers to many of the early great bands but the real reason to compare them is not their sound but the fact that these guys are great musicians and songwriters. I repeat… they are exceptional musicians, songwriters and lyricists! There is no doubt that this music if filled with old school feelings, emotions and sounds but once you listen to this EP you don’t much care about that. If these guys were 40 years older we’d be comparing the great bands of the past to them!

The songs:
1. “Oh, No” – very reminiscent of The Kinks, Beach Boys, Mommas and Papas
2. “Went to Bed” – Beatles fronting for the Beach Boys
3. “Interlude 1” – 34 seconds of Classical Mozart mixed with Paul McCartney piano
4. “Hangin’ On” – The Kinks, Beatles, Donovan all playing the same song together
5. “Don’t Say Goodbye” – sounds like the Beatles “Birthday” with elements of the White Album
6. “Interlude 2” – just over half a minute of Henri Mancini meets Mozart
7. “What She Does” – Led Zeppelin vocals and guitar riffs with a Kinks influence (made me think of Zeppelin’s “The Immigrant Song”)
8. “On Sunny Days” – Queen, Beatles, Kinks
Running time - 20:47, Tracks: 8
Label: I-Surrender Records
The Band: Christophe Mudget: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Drums and Brett Nolan: Bass, Piano, Vocals, Keyboard (Yep! Two guys and a bunch of instruments!)

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