Friday, April 28, 2006

Music Review – "Pop" – Unknown Boy

File under: Electronica meets speed thrash with a catchy spin/alternative/cola rock pop

Adam Daniels, vocals; Chad Gunderson, Guitars; Manuel Baldanza, Drums; and Isaac Laskin, Guitars… With One from Los Angeles, two from Wisconsin, and one from Switzerland some may understand why Unknown Boy sounds so different from so many other bands. They are interesting in a fuzzy chord crunching, perplexing and howling, captivating and charismatic way with coarse, shrewd, pop sounds that manhandle the conformists' view without loosing that attention grabbing hook that makes rock ‘n’ roll so captivating. Unknown Boy is, to me, that rare hidden diamond in the rough.

Oh, and the song "Pop"... does!!!

  • Unknown Boy

  • * The Alternative One

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