Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gadget Review - iRiver MP3 Player/Recorder

The iRiver specializes in MP3 playback and recording. It starts at less than $150, records up to 16 hours of voice, has a built in microphone, and records directly into MP3 format. The T-series offers a full color display, extended battery life and faster exchange of music from computer to player. The only unfortunate feature Concerning the T-10 is that it operates only under the Windows XP operating system. For Mac or other Windows platform users the iRiver I.F.P. series is the model of choice. Extremely lightweight this product comes with a sport band and a neck strap. The iRiver is becoming one of those must have one stop solutions to portable podcasting. It allows you to perform podcasting functions on the fly – like interviews, voice notes or messages, etc.
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    04/25/06 Update: I purchased this item in the third week of April and couldn't be happier. The iRiver does all it advertises and some that it doesn't. Two features that make this a must MP3 player is the deletetion from the unit of MP3 files (no more plugging into the hardware and manipulating the software to delete a song) and the ability to record on the fly. The built in microphone tranfers voice (and any other sound) into an MP3 file right onto the unit. One minor drawback is the Microsoft Media Player software that is needed to swap files, etc. This program is a little harder to manipulate than others on the market (including iTunes.)

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