Friday, April 28, 2006

Music Review - “Empty Boat”- The Birdwatcher

From the album “Afternoon Tales The Morning Never Knew”

It’s not every rock band that makes me progress towards poetry but everything about The Birdwatcher, including their name, whispered haiku!??! So I wrote one… and then another… And before long a full-fledged song review was born…

“The Empty Boat” Haiku 1
Ghostly hushed vocals
Gliding through the soft journey
Crash over whispers

“Afternoon Tales the Morning Never Knew” is the second in a trilogy of albums following “The Darkest Hour Is Just Before the Dawn”. Unreleased to date; the third album will apparently be concerned with the subject of nightfall and darkness. The Birdwatcher reminds me of Radiohead with less punch and bear all the best qualities of music produced by singer/songwriters: inspired arrangements, “watchful” enhancement, and a coherent environment of sound. The entire album is filled with folksy ballads surrounded by thought-provoking lyricism and pop sensibilities.

"Empty Boat" begins by descending into a light, rhythmic humming of synthesizers that sound like woodwinds and then light acoustic guitars provide the mood for the remainder of the song. Anna Neighbor backs up Dan Matz with a wonderfully sweet voice on the verses. The opening lyrics are easily suggestive: "Flying now, over top o’ me/ I'm grafted to the floor/ An empty boat, there's no stopping me/ On the trusting sea, I'm sunken on your shore." Along with a hot cup of coffee, this album with its soft, easy-going nature and its heartening spontaneity is all you’ll need for that relaxing Sunday morning.

“The Empty Boat” Haiku 2
Layered atmospheres
Enchanting and mystical
Warm Sunday morning

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